Kolfage has a history of suing other veterans who disagreed with him.  One Marine recently exposed how Kolfage failed to follow proper protocol and take cover when their FOB (Forward Operating Base) was being mortared. He was out getting a drink when he lost his limbs. 



Kolfage raised nearly $600,000 Justice Kavanaugh, but the money never went to him. Kolfage has no legal requirement to donate, return, or show accountability for the money he raises, so long as he keeps the terms of his fundraising as vague as they are (he doesn’t mention deadlines for returning money, for instance, or specific ways in which it will be donated). 

According to QZ.com

“Hawkins started a Go Fund Me for Kavanaugh around the time of his contentious nomination hearings that initially raised about $600,000; when Kavanaugh said he couldn’t accept the money, Hawkins pledged to donate it to the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington DC. Quartz’s calls to the Archdiocese were unanswered late on Thursday afternoon, so it unclear if they received the cash.”



Kolfage was caught several times pretending to be Donald Trump in order to grow a following or to get donations. He was called out for this behavior by the owners of Mad World News back in 2017. Kolfage responded by making a Trump LCC, making his followers believe that he was the “actual” Donald Trump group:


Maybe add the screenshot of him sending emails out from Donald Trump here too?

Kolfage is now telling his donors that he might not use the funding to build a wall after all. One person exposed the possibility that Kolfage could just keep the money indefinitely, or even live off the interest. Additionally, there is no legal requirement to donate, return, or show accountability for the money he raises.


Kolfage illegally bought Facebook pages, including the one he purchased from Jonathan Hawkins. He instructed all of his employees to keep it a secret.


Below is a screenshot of Kolfage emailing the owners of Mad World News, asking them if they wanted to sell their pages to him.

Kolfage busted for photoshopping these images. Kolfage had done a go fund me campaign for Airman Wayde Paul Erb, and didn’t give the money over until months later. 

Need a comment from Erb- his facebook account https://www.facebook.com/wayde.erb


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