Kolfage mistook Santros as a rival page administrator on facebook.  After they got into a squabble, a photoshopped picture emerged of Santros saying that all disabled veterans need to die.   Brian shared the fake screenshot to 100,000’s of thousands people and then doxed her (posted her full name, home address, and phone number) resulting in Santros being constantly terrorized and harassed.  She received countless death threats.  She still receives them occasionally today.

Kolfage often sues people for defamation- even though Kolfage had doxxed them and others, encouraging his fans to get in on the harassment.

Kolfage harassed one of his female employees (journalist Prissy Holly)  for months after she quit working at Freedom Daily. He verbally abused Holly by telling her to go f*** herself and tried to destroy her business by getting her website taken down from the internet.

After being exposed to the NY Times for his fake news empire by Prissy Holly, Kolfage then lied about this whistleblower, telling the NY Times that Holly was working for the Macedonians during the election. Kolfage then made threats to fire another of his employees if she didn’t stop the NY Times expose from being published.

Kolfage’s last text to Prissy Holly was a menacing one, mentioning how her husband’s security clearance was now in jeopardy. Several weeks later, an anonymous call was placed to this Holly’s husband’s security office, resulting in a full-blown investigation into her and her husband for their possible ties to the Russians.

Two months after Kolfage’s last harassing text message to this Holly, the FBI received a bogus tip that this woman was going to go on a “Muslim-killing rampage. “This resulted in the FBI coming to this Holly’s house to investigate this bogus claim.

Kolfage agreed in a text message (which constitutes a contract in a court of law) that he would not run Prissy Holly’s content after she left Freedom Daily. He later put his name on over 700 of her stories and ran many of them on his pages over the next year. (Free lance writers own their own content unless there’s an agreement otherwise.) Kolfage later admits that he ran the content as a way to get revenge on her.

Kolfage and his lawyer have figured out a scammy way to sue people for “defamation” at $25,000 a pop. Kolfage has so far sued 7 individuals- including 4 of his fellow military veterans. Thomas Clay Jr. has had several of his friends sued by Brian for “defamation,” and had this to say.

You see folks, in the grift business, a lawyer can file suit against people who own homes and the thing about home owners is that they have Home Owner’s Insurance and if you sue people with insurance for libel, an insurance company will settle a case for $25,000 to avoid having to pay their own lawyers more to try a case. It’s a write off. Brian’s shyster lawyer was another right wing scumbag named Logan Elia who was all too happy to take the case of the coward he mistook for a hero. So how much did Logan cost?

Well nobody knows except Brian and Logan and only Brian knows how much profit he made off his ‘Legal Defense’ stunt but *I* know neither one of those cowards wanted to include *ME* in their frivolous lawsuit which broke up a marriage with two kids in the aftermath. Why? I really don’t know but it *might* have had to do with my father being a one man wrecking crew of a lawyer that would have hauled their dumb asses up into court and taught them a real lesson between shysters and a real lawyer.”

ENTIRE POST Link to Thomas’ FB PAGE https://www.facebook.com/Thomas-Clay-Jr-1487095678084006/

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage is the most wounded vet ever to serve in the Air Force, supposedly. He had both legs and an…

Posted by Thomas Clay Jr on Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thomas Clay Jr:


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