Using Fake Petitions to Harvest Emails

Harvesting Emails Via Petitions

  • Kolfage admits to using fake petitions to harvest emails (Image1)
  • Kolfage updated his border funding gofundme to include a link to his petition 4 times in giant bold letters at the top (Image2)
  • Twitter has suspended Kolfage’s website for using harvesting emails with the intent of spamming. (Image4)
  • Kolfage will then spam the harvested emails with deceptive emails that appear to be sent from Donald Trump (Image3)

Kolfages current email list is valued at $600,000 dollars

Business Email Lists typically are valued at $200 CPM (Source 1, Source 2) which makes a list of 3,000,000 emails worth over $600,000.

Instructing People to Write Fake News

Fake News

  • Kolfage instructs employees to write Fake news (Image1)
  • When asked about fake news, Kolfage says not to worry about it (Image2)
  • Kolfage threatens to fire people who do not write fake news (Image3)

This is crucial information for any media entities, or social media company (facebook), that is being sued or will be sued by Brian Kolfage as it proves he was instructing people to produce fake news, and he would fire you if you didn't!

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